Dietary supplements

Based on your needs, our experts develop customized, efficient and exclusive formulas in accordance with the European and French regulations including the European directive of 2002 (CE 2002/46).

UWe perform a rigorous selection of plants, vitamins, minerals and actives used alone or in synergy for a target physiological action.

Example of applications

Antioxidant • Beauty (Hair, skin, nails) • Blood Circulation • Bones & Joints • Cognitive Function • Digestive well-being (Probiotics and prebiotics) • Energy / Vitality • Libido • Urinary comfort • Weight management (fat burner, drainer, satiety) • Kids 3 years old + (tonus, growth …) • Stress & Sleep • Immune System 

Odoo • Texte et Image

Available options:


Pillboxes, ampules, sachets, sticks


Vegetarian, marine, bovine/porcine

Size ; 1, 0, 00

Standard colors: transparent, green without titanium dioxide


Orodispersible, to be rehydrated or to sprinkle on food