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The holistic dimension of well-being is well established. In fact, it is chiefly influenced by three key pillars: physical health, mental health and the environment. It is therefore essential to take each of these pillars into account to maximize well-being.

At AIS NUTRITION, we are convinced that nutrition is also one of the keys to well-being. That's why we design and develop nutritional solutions dedicated to the well-being of all: women, men, children and the elderly. 

And since well-being is a source of pleasure, we make it a point of honor to combine nutritional efficiency with no compromise on taste. Our aim? To offer gourmet formulas that are optimally effective and perfectly integrated into everyone's daily routine.

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Nutritional solutions for the well-being of the whole family

Contributing to the well-being of all is the very essence of AIS NUTRITION. That's why we offer personalized nutritional solutions, targeting specific promises and adaptable to all profiles and ages.

Because meeting your consumers' needs is our priority:

  • We choose top-quality ingredients
  • We use aromas with fresh, gourmet flavors, including natural flavors
  • We develop formulas with scientifically proven efficacy

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Customized solutions to meet

Customized solutions to meet your expectations and those of your consumers

As a wellness nutrition manufacturer, we provide you with a range of solutions to best meet your expectations and those of your consumers: 

  • For the whole family: fruit smoothies, complete nutritional meals, healthy drinks...
  • For children: functional breakfast drinks, organic purées and compotes for 6 months and over...
  • For diabetes prevention: meal replacements, weight management...

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Unique texture and taste

Unique texture and taste, a key asset of AIS NUTRITION solutions

​At AIS NUTRITION, nothing is left to chance, not even taste. Our expert flavorists can develop tailor-made flavors to suit your project. The objective? To bring a unique flavor to your product that will make all the difference.

That's how we find the recipe for success: customized flavors combined with formulas providing optimized nutritional efficacy.  Together, we'll make your project a must-have for those who want to take care of their health, while enjoying great-tasting products at the same time.

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our different areas of expertise

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Weight loss

Weight loss

Development of effective, tasty weight management solutions.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Design and manufacture of solutions to optimize sports performance with taste.

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

​​Health & beauty solutions adapted to the needs of all...

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