The history of AIS NUTRITION
A French family company

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AIS NUTRITION is first and foremost a French family business, expert in its field, specializing in the creation of personalized nutritional products for health and wellness.

We are part of AIS, an alliance of French and international companies, combining their expertise and know-how in the service of health since 1980. AIS was built on a series of key encounters that have enabled us to develop cutting-edge expertise together.

Personalized support for athletes
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Personalized support for athletes

Jean-Marie Blanchet, a forerunner of holistic health for athletes in France, supported AIS in the development of a personalized method combining physical, mental and nutritional preparation for enhanced performance.

Personalized support for athletes
First VIT UP sports nutrition products
First "VIT UP" sports nutrition products

Development and marketing of VIT UP: a range of specific products to meet the weight control needs of athletes.

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Founding of Laboratoires SVM
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Setting up a manufacturing unit 

Developer and manufacturer of personalized health and wellness nutritional products, founded by Jean-Marie Blanchet, specializing in sports nutrition, weight management, balanced nutrition and health & beauty food supplements.

Founding of Laboratoires SVM
International experience
International experience

The start of international expansion in Europe, Eurasia and North America.

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MCFI a key partner in our industrial development
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A key partner in our industrial development 

Expertise in the design, installation and automation of production lines, born from the meeting between an expert in the field and Jean-Marie Blanchet.

MCFI a key partner in our industrial development
ALL SENS the encounter with the pleasure of taste
An encounter with the pleasure of taste

Development and manufacture of made-to-measure flavours, born of the meeting between Jean-Marie Blanchet and experts in flavouring, to make nutrition rhyme with pleasure. 

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Labo 3A joins the alliance
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Dedicated analysis laboratory

Analytical laboratory and expert in quality and regulations, offers support ranging from training and certification to quality and regulatory control. 

Labo 3A joins the alliance
AIS NUTRITION (Alimentary Innovative Solutions)
AIS NUTRITION (Alimentary Innovative Solutions)

Company founded by Steve Blanchet, responsible for sourcing ingredients and packaging for partner companies, as well as creating, manufacturing and distributing nutritional health and wellness products. Lioubov Grigorieva and Olivier Meylan have since joined the company's management team and are contributing to its development.

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EUSTA Vietnam
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Opening up the Vietnamese market 

Expansion of business in South East Asia. The aim is to provide a health and wellness offering tailored to the Vietnamese market.

EUSTA Vietnam
Fresh mango export chain in Senegal
Fresh mango export chain in Senegal.

Construction of a mango sorting and packaging unit for export to Europe. The aim is to be able to process and add value to co-products that cannot be exported fresh.

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processing of agricultural products
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R&D project for the processing of agricultural products 

To provide an effective solution for reducing losses of agricultural materials while preserving nutrients, ensuring low energy consumption and offering a plug and play solution.

processing of agricultural products
Creation of the AIS alliance
8 areas of expertise

Bringing together expertise within a coherent and clear framework for partner companies, customers, suppliers and employees. Its head office is based near Strasbourg, in Muhlbach sur Bruche.

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Areas of expertise
8 areas of expertise in their field

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From idea to product: Market research, ideation, product concept. Sales and marketing support, distribution. Sourcing and procurement. Supply chain & storage


Production of ready-to-eat nutraceutical ingredients and products.


From Nutrition R&D Concept to Manufacturing process


Importer and distributor of nutrition and health products in Vietnam. Product registration. Distribution. Supply chain. Scientific support


Design, installation and automation of production lines


Analytical laboratory, quality and regulatory support & control, certification, training


Flavor R&D and manufacturing. Microencapsulation. Atomization


R&D & manufacturing. Quality & regulatory control. Scientific support