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Whether athletes or beginners, today everyone is interested in proteins. As a result, the market for high-protein products is becoming more diverse and is no longer limited to top athletes or people following a specific diet. Indeed, general awareness and understanding of the link between food and health is now greater than ever as well as being scientifically proven.

AIS NUTRITION, high protein products manufacturer since 1992, accompanies you in the creation and marketing of your future, protein-rich nutritional solution. Our historical market expertise as well as our scientific and industrial know-how ensure we have the ability to make your product a must on the market.

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to partner with AIS NUTRITION

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Taste and effectiveness

Taste and effectiveness in one solution

The demands of consumers are as growing as is their awareness of the need to take care of their health. This means that high protein products must meet 2 essential criteria: proven effectiveness, and no compromise on taste. That's why, at AIS NUTRITION, we develop gourmet products with a unique taste and we rely on science to prove their nutritional effectiveness.

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Support throughout your project

Support throughout your project

n order to develop your next, innovative high protein products, we place a team of experts in nutrition at your disposal. They will be able to imagine and develop a solution that will meet your expectations as well as those of your future consumers. Choosing AIS NUTRITION means ensuring that an effective and quality nutritional solution is put on the market.

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Quality ingredient assurance

Quality ingredient assurance​

​As high protein products manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions. That's why we carefully select quality ingredients with proven nutritional properties. We provide you with highly bioavailable vegetable proteins (peas, soy, hemp, rice etc.) and animal proteins (MPC, WPC, WPI etc.) to allow optimal assimilation.

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high protein product solutions

Need some inspiration? Discover our high protein product solutions

Vegan high protein shake: sport, vitality, immunity, digestive comfort, caramel and chocolate flavor

  • ​The perfect gourmet shake for an active lifestyle and for sports nutrition to help strengthen your immune system, digestive health, muscle development and recovery.
  • Rich in high-quality pea protein made in France
  • Rich in acacia fiber, apple pectin
  • Rich in natural vitamins C and B
  • Antioxidants of blueberry extract
  • Different possible formats: metal box, doypack, bags etc.

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The different applications of high-protein products

icon weight management

Weight management

low-calorie and high-protein snacks for weight loss and weight management


icon sports nutrition

Sports nutrition

drinks for muscle development, recovery etc.


icon wellness nutrition

Wellness nutrition

protein intake for an active life


Our formats

Galenic form​

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icon metal or composite cans

Metal or composite cans

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icon sachets with or without retai boxes

Sachets with or without retai boxes

Our products

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Our markets

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Wellness nutrition

Products to contribute to a balanced diet and well-being of everyone.


Weight management

Development of tasty and effective weight management solutions.


Sports nutrition

Design and manufacture of solutions to optimize athletes’ performance with no compromise on taste.


Health & Beauty

​​Health and beauty solutions adapted to everyone's needs.