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For several years now, consumer interest in dietary supplements has been growing considerably. This is due to a much more holistic approach to health and well-being, and a growing awareness of the role of nutrition in overall health. The provision of nutrients via food supplements is an ideal response to consumer demands  for practicality and efficiency. 

What's more, with the emergence of the in & out trend, food supplements are a big hit!

AIS NUTRITION, with its expert alliance in nutrition and health dating back to 1980, has been developing and manufacturing health and beauty food supplements tailored to consumer needs for over 30 years. Experts in micronutrition, our formulas are developed on the basis of scientific evidence for optimal nutritional efficacy, and to meet the desired health promises.

Digestion, energy, immunity, slimming or stress & sleep... our experts are committed to developing THE solution adapted to your project and the needs of your consumers!

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Science guides the development of your solutions

Science guides the development of your solutions

The dietary supplements market is a demanding one: every promise must be backed up by solid scientific evidence. In short, consumers expect fast effective products, based on science.

As a creator of health and beauty food supplements for several decades, our R&D department develops scientifically proven solutions every day, tailored to your project.

We constantly invest in fundamental research in partnership with world-renowned research centers.

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nutritional and organoleptic quality

Focus on nutritional and organoleptic quality

As a health & beauty food supplements manufacturer, we provide you with top-quality ingredients and develop nutritionally optimized formulas to best meet your expectations. For solutions that require organoleptic work, such as powdered products, our expert flavorists create customized gourmet flavors for you. 

Our aim? To make your project a market must-have, thanks to its effectiveness and unique taste.

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A wide range of promises

A wide range of promises at your disposal

​Our holistic approach to health and beauty means we can offer you a wide range of formulas to meet an extensive range of promises.

General health: women's health, men's health, seniors' health, children's health, immunity, sexual health, energy & performance, diabetes prevention...

Targeted health: immunity, digestion, bones & joints, cardiovascular, cognition, memory...

Wellness: detox, weight management, healthy aging, stress & sleep...

Beauty: hair, nails & skin...

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wide choice of galenic forms

A wide choice of galenic forms and formats

To best meet your expectations and those of your consumers, we have developed 3 types of galenic formulations: 

- Softgels & capsules in: 
Boxes, blister packs and pillboxes

- Powders in: 

Sticks, plastic, metal or composite cans, doypacks and sachets.

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our different areas of expertise

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Wellness Nutrition

Wellness Nutrition

Healthy, tasty products to ensure your well-being.

Weight loss

Weight loss

Development of effective, delicious weight management solutions.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Design and manufacture of solutions to optimize sports performance with no compromise on taste.

Our different types of products

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