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As a full service nutritional products manufacturer, AIS NUTRITION accompanies you at all stages of your project, from ideation to the finished product. Our expertise enables us to effectively advise you throughout the entire process of creating your product, while fully adapting to your desires and needs.

Our support is possible either for your entire project, or punctually at key stages.

Discover the AIS NUTRITION integrated service:


Concept and specifications

Being a full-service manufacturer of nutritional products means accompanying you in the search for your ideas and the creation of your concept. We can also offer you a market research service to validate or guide your concept. 

We also assist you in the definition and validation of your specifications.

1 to 2 weeks


Feasibility check

After validation of the specifications, our teams evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of your project, and carry out a compliance & safety check of your target formulation.

2 to 3 weeks


Product development, pricing, samples​

Following the feasibility study, we work on creating the theoretical formula or optimizing yours. 

At the end of the formulation and possible sourcing, we proceed to the pricing of the product and provide you with a brief of the formula. 

2 to 5 weeks: from formulation to submission of the offer

After your validation of the theoretical formulation, brief and price, our team develops the products, performs a sensory evaluation and sends you samples (powder product only).

2 to 6 weeks



Following your validation of product specifications and samples, our sales team sends you our commercial agreement.​


Pilot and semi-industrial testing

At AIS NUTRITION these tests are carried out as follows: 

- Purchase of packaging and ingredients:  2 to 10 weeks

- Pilot and/or semi-industrial test: 2 to 8 weeks

- Microbiological and/or physicochemical analysis:  2 to 4 weeks

- Regulatory compliance control of printed packaging for industrial manufacturing: 2 weeks (after validation of tests and analyses)

- Food supplement registration in France, Europe and Vietnam (if applicable): 1 to 3 months

- Stability test (accelerated and/or real-time):  1 to 24 months



From the validation of semi-industrial tests we move to the industrial scale: 

- Average delivery times for a 1st industrial order. 14 weeks  for packaging in metal cans, plastic jars and ​16 to 18 weeks for packaging in doypack, bag or stick. This step is also generally the industrial test (deadlines calculated at validation of contracts and BAT)  

- Average delivery times for a 2nd order with a stock of existing packaging and ingredients: 12 to 14 weeks


Quality controls

Each production cycle undergoes strict quality controls: 

- Upstream: laboratory analysis of ingredients, product stability, etc.

- During: weight control, visual control, organoleptic validation etc.

- After production: laboratory discharge analyses, validation of the conformity of the finished product (visual, quality and integrity of packaging, etc.), stability tests

Each production run undergoes at least microbiological analyses and sensory evaluation, the products not leaving our premises without their validation.


Your product launch, our complementary services

At AIS NUTRITION, we go further than the development of your project. As a full service manufacturer of nutritional products, we also offer complementary services such as:

- Regulatory control of your formulas, labeling and communication media according to French and European regulations

- Registration of your product in the EU and/or Vietnam

- Scientific support: bibliographic support, creation of nutritional plan, training etc.

- Marketing support: market research, writing product briefs etc.

- Storage, delivery, import

Our products

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Our markets

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Wellness Nutrition

Products to contribute to a balanced diet and well-being of everyone.


Weight Management

Development of tasty and effective weight management solutions.


Sports nutrition

Design and manufacture of solutions to optimize athletes’ performance with no compromise on taste.


Health & Beauty

Health and beauty solutions adapted to everyone's needs.