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Weight management is a global issue. According to the WHO, obesity affects billions of people worldwide. At AIS NUTRITION, we are proud to be able to help those involved in nutrition to tackle this issue. We develop and manufacture, in France, personalized weight loss and weight management products that combine both eating pleasure and nutritional effectiveness.  

​As a weight-loss products manufacturer since 1980, our knowledge of the market and its expectations enables us to develop innovative solutions with scientifically proven efficacy. And because we leave no stone unturned, we also develop unique flavors to bring tastiness and flavor to your solutions.

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customized weight loss products

Customized weight loss products tailored to your project 

In order to respond to the different expectations of the market, we offer you a wide range of possibilities:

- Vegan and non-vegan meal replacements

- Total daily ration substitutes

- Low-calorie and high-protein snacks, protein products

- Fat-burning, draining and detox food supplements

Whether you want to develop weight loss or weight maintenance products, we will work closely in partnership with you to find the solution best suited to your project.

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Quality ingredients

Quality ingredients

  • A range of proteins that can be incorporated into any form of product and easily assimilated by the body, such as plant proteins (pea, soy, hemp, pumpkin seed, oat) or milk proteins (Milk Protein Concentrate MPC, Whey Protein Concentrate WPC / WPI).
  • Ingredients with enhanced naturalness: Natural flavors to combine efficiency, great taste and naturalness. Carbohydrate contribution from oat flours. Natural vitamins
  • High-quality vitamins and minerals
  • Other nutrients such as enzymes, probiotics and fiber for digestive comfort, as well as plant extracts.

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diversified galenics and formats

Diversified galenics and formats

We have developed 3 types of galenic formulas to best meet the needs of the weight loss market:

  • ​Powder formats: metal & composite cans, sachets & doypacks, plastic boxes, sticks
  • Capsules & softgels
  • Pill boxes, blister packs, cases

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our different sectors of expertise

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Nutrition & Well-being

Nutrition & Well-being

Healthy, tasty products to ensure everyone's well-being.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Design and manufacture of solutions to optimize sports performance with no compromise on taste.

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

​​Health & beauty solutions adapted to the needs of all...

Our different types of products

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